About me

My name is Dennis and I was born in London, I currently live in Pilsen, the Czech Republic and I teach  English which joins nicley with my love of music, drumming and woodcrafting.
Since living here in this beautiful country since 1998 my life has transformed and still in continous process.
I  love  music,  playing the guitar, playing on African djembe and other instruments. In the early days of living here I used to visit drum circle jams in Pilsen,  jamming with many talented people, making new friends.  I later became  a drum circle facilitator and began travelling extensively leading  rhythm events and workshops. I host regular community drum circles in Plzen, more info:  www.drum4fun.cz
I like working with my hands. I studied furinfoniture making when living in England.  I got interested in carving and making Kantele Harps when attending a similar workshop in Praque. The process of carving is so present, meditative and healing.  I make workshops "carve and make your own harp" More info here
12 String Kantele Harp by Dennis  Lammas
Hand carved Maple